SPIN El Poeta

Poet. Arts Educator. Workshop Facilitator. Revolutionary. Youth Advocate.
Keeper of the sacred Cholq’ij calendar of the Cosmovisión Maya.

SPIN was born in Guatemala in the midst of a brutal 36 year war. Politicized by the experience of becoming a refugee the day after his eleventh birthday. Raised with excellence by his mother. SPIN embarked on a journey to vindicate their suffering & learn his history and that of the country where his innocence was stolen by US foreign policies.

SPIN's TRAJECTORY - To date SPIN has performed in 7 countries and over 20 cities including sovereign indigenous territories in the north. SPIN has delivered arts education workshops to young offenders and is part of the first ever Canadian Hip Hop curriculum. He has delivered arts education workshops to over 1 000 youth. He has also been the only slam poet to perform at Hip Hop festivals in Cuba,Guatemala and Venezuela.

Presently SPIN El Poeta is the 2015 Toronto Poetry Slam Grand Champion.




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